We will just quote an article published by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health, which states the fundamentals about aromatic herbs and their many benefits (the translation is ours): “… Due to their nutritional composition and their contribution to your health, aromatic herbs are an excellent substitute for salt, providing flavour, aroma and colour to your meals. … To maintain their properties, herbs should only be added to food at the end of its preparation, since most of their properties are lost by the action of heat. Aromatic herbs are widely used, namely in salads, soups, marinades, meat, fish, teas, and jams. Aromatic herbs are a source of protein, vitamins (A, C and B complex), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and iron), fibres, volatile components (essential oils) and phytochemicals (bioactive substances present in herbs in small quantities, and acting as antioxidants, bactericides, antiviruses, phytosterols and enzyme inducers or inhibitors). ”

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