Our floral waters (or hydrolates) result from the steam distillation of aromatic and medicinal herbs produced on our farm according to organic production rules. Since they are mostly made of distilled water with a small diluted percentage of essential oil, they have the properties of essential oils but to a lesser degree, and can be used directly on the skin, except in case of allergies.
You can use them as a make-up remover and facial tonic, to refresh your skin on hot days, as air fresheners, to perfume ironed clothes or your pillow. You can also make facial masks by mixing clay with the floral water best suited for your skin type. In your bath, they will provide a fantastic well-being sensation.
For massages, floral water can be added to a neutral vegetable oil along with an essential oil, thus providing a mixture that simultaneously enhances the water-soluble and the essential oil components of a given plant. As these are totally natural products without preservatives, the shelf-life should be respected.
The properties, indications and methods of use mentioned come from reference works and websites and are provided for information purposes only.

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