(Rosmarinus officinalis L.) 

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In aromatherapy, it is considered a brain stimulant; as a massage oil (diluted to 5% in a vegetable oil), it favours stretching and fights rheumatic pain.

Rosemary is considered to be a sacred plant, which has always been widely used in the magic, medicine and cuisine of the most ancient civilizations. Lotion for rheumatism or to use as an antiseptic: mix a few drops (2%) of essential oil with 45% alcohol. Lotion for muscle pain or poor circulation: mix a few drops of essential oil (5%) with a vegetable oil and massage. For an invigorating, anti-rheumatism and anti-fatigue bath: add to the bath water ½ litre of floral water or 10 drops of essential oil mixed in a little liquid soap. Take this bath in the morning, because it is stimulating and can make it harder to sleep.

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